Digital Nomads

Why You Should Hire Digital Nomads for Your Web Design

In IT, Web design by Srinjoy Mallik


With many jobs no longer tied to a particular location, the culture of the digital nomad has risen up as a challenger to the office-based 9 to 5. As technology continues to evolve and enable a sense of community spirit as well as facilitating the transactional side of working remotely, the number of workers who class themselves as digital nomads is increasing rapidly, with clients who are commissioning them benefiting from their remote working culture.

But what value could a digital nomad bring to your project, and is there a way to benefit from the best bits of both office-based agencies and free-roaming workers if you are looking for a new partner to deliver work for your business?

Finding Your Digital Nomad

Testwing is a web design agency in East London that has embraced the best bits of remote working while continuing to work as a collective to serve clients who don’t necessarily know they’re no longer being served by a traditional office-based agency. Their clients commission Testwing as an agency to develop a new website, a brand campaign or digital marketing design, and then a team of specialists work remotely but collectively to deliver it.

Productivity increases and individuals who have access to a wider field of inspiration and insight are just some of the reasons why businesses should work with these digital nomads. With roles in the knowledge economy in marketing, design, IT, editorial and tutoring all well suited to being done online, many digital nomads work through agencies who are commissioned by a client to manage the delivery of work through their network of remote workers.

Workplace Futures

The way we work continues to evolve at an astounding rate, with flexibility no longer considered a benefit but a standard. The most talented employees expecting to be able to tailor the way they work, and companies such as Testwing embrace and enable flexibility in how their team works in order to increase effectiveness and empower their employees to thrive. Their model works for clients across industries as diverse as corporate financial services to the health and fitness sector, many of whom are being inspired by the way their agencies are working to make changes to their own workplaces.

Co-working spaces, remote working hubs and flexible meeting spaces have all equipped themselves with technology to enable digital nomads to work smarter, with agencies being able to commission remote workers who are based anywhere in the world but have the best fit for skills and experience to deliver a certain project.

When you’re looking to work with a web design agency in East London, you could be benefiting from a team of experts from around the world thanks to the digital nomad culture and agencies such as Testwing which are diversifying the ways their team can work so that their clients get the best possible value for money.