4 Web Design Tips Backed by Research

In Web design by Srinjoy Mallik


There are hundreds of web design tips on the internet, but many of them are outdated, or they only apply to giant businesses that have tens of thousands of pounds to spend on their website. This can make it difficult for business owners to decide what their website should look like, but thankfully we are here to help.

Here are four website design tips that are backed by research (so you know that they actually work).

Prioritise Speed

A fast-loading website tends to have much higher engagement rates than a website that loads slowly. In fact, one study found than 48% of internet users will leave a website if it takes longer than two seconds to load!

If your website loads slowly, consider reducing the amount of content on the page. Big images and Flash in particular can cause problems. The size of the page can also cause issues, so you should check the page size when you are making changes.

Use a Simple Design

You should also use a simple professional design that is easy to navigate. A study from Google found that most internet users don’t like complex visuals, as this makes it harder for them to find what they are looking for. So go for a nice clean design with clear navigation at the top or the side of the screen. This means that users should have no problem moving around your website.

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Don’t Use Carousels

In the last few years carousels have become very popular with website owners, but sadly users don’t seem to like them as much. Research from the Notre Dame University found that nearly 90% of the clicks occurred on the first slide, so very few users actually click through the carousel.

Instead of using a carousel to present information, simply present the information all on the screen. Just break it up with images to make it more visually pleasing.

Use the Right Kind of Pictures

Lots of studies have found that internet users like visuals, but studies have also found that users hate fake-looking stock images. So avoid using stock images, and instead post genuine pictures of your team at work. This will seem more trustworthy and professional, so people are more likely to engage with your business.

Web design doesn’t have to be overly complicated. If you follow these tips, you should end up with a speedy professional website that appeals to your target audience – and you don’t have to spend thousands to achieve these results! In fact, some of the tips are very simple (such as changing pictures), so if you want you can make some of the changes yourself.