Web Design Trends Brands Need to Utilise In 2019

In IT, Web design by Srinjoy Mallik

Did you know that online sales are expected to increase by nearly 20% in 2019? So if you are a business owner with a website, now is a great time to update your website. After all, tens of thousands of people will buy their first product online this year – and if your website looks great, they are much more likely to buy from you!

Here are six web design trends brands need to utilise in 2019.

Custom Fonts
In the last few years websites have embraced generic fonts that we all know well, but in 2019 we will see more custom fonts and designs. This is because custom fonts make it easier to separate your brand from the competition – and it also makes your brand more obvious to customers.

More and more websites are also starting to embrace micro-animation. This is because short animations give you the chance to tell your users about your brand, so they are more likely to engage with you. It also adds movement and colour to the screen, which tends to be more visually pleasing for users.

Loading Speed
Website loading speed is a very important part of a successful website. Micro-animations and custom fonts are great ways to make your website stand out, but it is also essential to make sure that the pages on your website load quickly. After all, recent research has found that most users will click off a website if the pages take more than three seconds to load.
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Bright Colours
Bright colours are also set to become more popular in 2019. This is because bold, bright colours make it easier for companies to establish a clear brand. Contact a web design agency in East London if you need more information about this.

Search Engine Optimised
It is also essential to make sure that your website is optimised for search engines (as well as people). This is because new users will find your website using Google or another search engine, but if your website isn’t optimised it won’t appear in the search results. So new customers won’t find your website, and they are more likely to end up on a competitor’s website.

Finally, you should make sure that your website is mobile-friendly (so it looks just as good on mobile devices as it does on a desktop). This is because every year more and more internet users use their phone to go online – in fact, last year mobile users overtook desktop internet users for the first time. For this reason you should make sure that that your website looks just as good on mobiles as it does on laptops or desktops.

Website design trends are always changing and growing, so if you want to make sure that your business succeeds, you should make sure that you are regularly updating your website. This means that you can stay ahead of your competition, and you will also attract new users to your website.