Driving customer loyalty with purpose and passion

In Web design by Srinjoy Mallik


How Testwing, a company specialising in web design in East London, can help you drive customer loyalty with digital purpose and passion.

The competition for your customer’s attention is at an all-time high and you need to be offering better products and services, smoother experiences and more attractive prices than ever before to capture anyone’s attention, let alone keep them loyal.

Consumers have more options than ever, and they expect to be able to pick and choose when and how they connect with a brand to access its products or services and then control how they interact with that brand after they have transacted once. It can be hard to master the art of driving customer loyalty, but with passion and a clear focus on your purpose it isn’t impossible to connect on a long term basis with your customers.

Web design with purpose

As a company specialising in web design in East London, we know how many companies we have to compete with, and we harness the lessons from that to serve our customers with insight and innovation that helps them change what they’re doing across their digital platforms to create more meaningful experiences and accelerate an ongoing relationship with their customers.

Through understanding customer data and harnessing the power of technology, we have the ability to enhance what you’re doing across the entire life-cycle of your customer relationships – refining discovery and activation and improving retention and engagement.

The thing that will differentiate you from competitors and enable you to harness a longer term relationship with your customers is your purpose. We have seen brands expand their focus from sales and profit, drawing on the wider purpose of their business to produce a light bulb moment internally and externally, as both staff and customers realise they are about more than just the last completed transaction.

Using your website to communicate purpose

You need a reason for your consumers to be loyal to your brand, and an emotional connection based on shared purpose and vision is one of the most powerful ways to connect. Serving this emotional connection means changing everything you do, from the content on your website to the way your eCommerce experience is configured so that it constantly reconnects to the purpose and reason why you’re doing things and why your customers want to work with you.

We have experience with many sectors, including charity, financial services, and health and fitness, and for each of these, making relevant long term connections is proving to be more challenging than ever. But with our help in delivering web design in East London, our clients are pushing forward new initiatives to communicate their purpose, present their values and enable customers to connect with their ambition. Unifying purpose across channels and recognising the value of offering personalised interactions, brands need to be setting their strategy for customer engagement and working to unlock their full potential in order to secure a long and productive customer relationship.