Web design trends for 2019

In Web design by Srinjoy Mallik


Technological advancements have changed the way we look at websites. New web design trends emerge every year; therefore, if you own a website, it is important to keep it updated so that it is still relevant and interesting to users. What can we expect in 2019?

Here are some of the biggest web design trends you can expect to see in 2019:

The right typography

Typography has always played an important role in web design; however, the style that looks good is constantly changing. It seems that in 2019 typography is all about arranging the text in a way that makes the whole screen more visually appealing.

To be clear, this is all about placement – where the writing appears on the screen – rather than the font used or the size of the text. After all, different websites can get away with using different fonts. The real issue is how good the writing looks on the screen; for example, the text could be wrapped around images in a natural way, as this will draw attention to both the text and the image.

CSS3 animations

Animations are more popular than ever before and this is particularly true for CSS3 animations. This is because this style of animation can be used to add scrolling effects that play when people scroll down, making the website more interactive and engaging. A web design agency in East London will be able to help you with this and other current trends.

Headers for videos

Video headers are also becoming very popular, which could be partially due to the huge popularity of YouTube. If you include a video on your website, don’t leave it without a header, as many people won’t be interested enough to watch. Instead, include a clear, readable video header above the video that encourages users to click play and start watching.

Images that cover the whole screen

One trend that seems to be becoming more and more popular is images that cover the whole screen. This is very eye-catching and engaging and can help to create a dramatic feel, especially if the image is used on the website homepage. If you decide to do this, make sure that the image is not too bright or distracting – if it is, many users will struggle to read the text that you have placed on top of the image. Go for a large, semi-neutral picture that features plain colours such as grey, black and white. Again, a web design agency in East London will be able to help with this.

An icon library

Icon libraries are also very popular and it is likely that they will become even more popular in 2019. This is because icon libraries are very visually appealing to users and tend to improve navigation. Users can simply click on picture icons to move around; however, if the icons are not clear, the users may struggle to know what to do! If you do use icons, make sure it is clear what they mean.