Understanding and Doing Digital Transformation

In Web design by Srinjoy Mallik


How a web design company East London can help with your digital transformation

Digital transformation is a big buzzword. It’s talked about by just about everyone who wants to show they are innovative and forward-thinking, but it’s often not fully understood and can more often still be a blocker to progress rather than an enabler.

While you might be starting to panic about how your business is doing digital transformation, as a web design company in East London we know it’s more important to be doing things to make digital better than to be worrying about whether what you are doing is a transformative strategy. And we can help you understand what digital changes your business needs to prioritise and deliver them, taking away the worry.

What Digital Transformation Isn’t

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a digital transformation strategy needs to focus on getting more technology, mining data and replacing people with artificial intelligence. That’s understandable since every IT marketing person has used it whether to sell everything from an email upgrade to a full-blown artificial intelligence system.

But digital transformation isn’t just about data and machines. It’s about understanding how people are shifting what they do towards doing it digitally, and it’s about embracing strategies that make it easier for your customers to do what they do with you digitally.

What Digital Transformation Can Be for You

We’re here to help anyone looking for a web design company in East London understand what changes are needed to do digital better in their business and to help them deliver the transformation they need.

With our experience across industries, including financial services, health and fitness, and the charity sector, we know every company and organisation is different, and they need to understand what parts of their technical team and marketing set-up they can re-envisage and what new activities they need in order to deploy more effective digital experiences for their customers.

We can help you make change that doesn’t have to be hard. From making first steps to update your website to include more automation of key processes such as optimisation of product descriptions or management of customer data to developing more disruptive concepts, Testwing can help you understand and do digital transformation.

The language of digital transformation can often be daunting, but by reframing it and thinking instead about digital change and metamorphosis, there are huge opportunities for those who might have previously been scared about digital transformation to become enthusiastic exponents of doing things better with digital. By exploring what you can change and improve by incorporating automation or by better utilising data and technology, you could be greatly enhancing the experience your customers get when interacting with your business.

Our expertise as a full service agency means we can work with you to review how your corporate identity, website design, and advertising are currently deployed and develop transformative new assets, platforms and content in order serve your customers the best digital experience.