Building your customer base with great web design

In Web design by Srinjoy Mallik


The most successful websites make great design look easy, ensuring that core visual elements fit perfectly with branding, copy and content to create an enticing design that is intuitive and enjoyable to engage with; however, too many business owners lose sight of the primary purpose of their website and focus too heavily on the bells and whistles that should only be used to enhance an already solid design.

Your customers are the core of your business; therefore, failing to address their needs when you are designing your website can be extremely damaging in the long run. If you want to engage the expertise of a web design company East London is a thriving hub of creative professionals who will help you to design with your audience in mind. Here are four web designer-approved tips to help you get started.

Mastering the basics

Before integrating additional elements and final finishing flourishes, it is vital to ensure that you have mastered the basic elements that will give your website the form and functionality required to deliver the best possible user experience for every single visitor. As an example, your navigation menu should be intuitive and include clear calls to action (CTAs) that will help your visitors to easily locate the information they are looking for.

Attention-grabbing copy

Alongside the visual impact of your design, your visitors’ eyes will be immediately drawn to any headings, subtitles and opening paragraphs of copy as they start to understand the layout, structure and flow of your website. You should always seek to attract your visitors’ attention with clear, engaging copy in a font that is eye-catching and fits your brand identity.

Inform, educate and entertain

If your website is equipped with the ability to house a variety of informative, educational and entertaining content, you will find it easy to demonstrate your expertise and your audience will begin to turn to your business for advice and help. In addition to fully optimising your content, your site should be highly searchable and allow your content to shine.

Prioritise your visitors’ needs

The importance of delivering a seamless user experience really cannot be overstated. If you are looking for a web design company East London is home to a variety of professional teams that understand how to dive deep into the core of your business and integrate design elements that will deliver the best possible experience for your audience. If, for example, your business creates customised products, your design team should make it simple for your visitors to contact you for a quote.

Your website should effectively take each visitor on a journey, share your story with them and explain precisely what you can do for them. If you can demonstrate that you understand what they need, you will start to build a loyal audience of individuals who appreciate what you do.