4 Things You Should Include in B2B Web Design

In IT, Web design by Srinjoy Mallik

If you own a business website, it is likely that it is either be a B2B (business-to-business) website or a B2C (business-to-consumer) website. Both are very common, but today we will be focusing on B2B websites.

B2B websites sell products or services to other businesses. If their website design is successful, they will sell lots of products and engage with lots of businesses. But if their website design is weak, they will struggle to attract new businesses.

Here are four things you should include in B2B web design if you want your website to succeed.

A Professional, Organised Design

A successful B2B website will have a professional, organised design that that is easy for other businesses to navigate. After all, if your website is outdated and disorganised, other businesses are less likely to believe in your services; if you don’t care about looking professional, can they be sure that you care about delivering high-quality products on time?

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Trust Builders to Add Credibility

If you want to sell to other businesses, your website can’t just be business propaganda: it should also include information that builds trust. This will encourage businesses to choose your businesses over other companies, so it will help to improve sales and engagement.

You can do this by including useful and relevant blogs and white papers that will help and inform your target audience. It can also be useful to include press releases, case studies and reviews from previous businesses you have worked with.

Clear Services and Products

A professional web design agency in East London also recommends that you make your products and services clear. This may sound obvious, but there are lots of B2B websites that provide services (rather than products) that are vague and unclear. So if your B2B website provides services, avoid using vague phrases like “we are a media business”; instead, be clear and direct about the services that you sell, so no users get confused.

Clear Conversation Opportunities

Finally, you should make sure that there are lots of clear conversion opportunities on your website. This will make it much easier for businesses to interact with your website, as they will understand what to do. So make sure there is a clear call to action on every page on your website. For instance, you could say ‘sign up to our newsletter’, ‘check out our products’ or ‘download our guide’.

Remember that your website is the first impression most businesses will see, so you must make sure it is successful. This will help your company to grow and expand so you can increase your sales and profits.