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7 Signs Your Website Needs an Upgrade Right Away

In Web design by Srinjoy Mallik


If the content is king, a website is one of the most effective mediums to show it and convert your potential customers. If you already have a website but not happy with the traffic then you must be doing something wrong. Let’s find out what those are and what you can do to rev up your business performance. And if you don’t have a website yet, take your cue from the rundown to build an effective website right from scratch.

High bounce rates

For starters, bounce rate means the percentage of visitors who leave the website right after navigating one page. Some of the most commons reasons include:

  • Impertinent Content
  • Too many pop up advertisements
  • Targeting the wrong audience
  • Interface and CTAs not user-friendly
  • Misleading meta tags

You can change the picture by working on these pain points to reduce the bounce rate and give more space and interest to the users.


Whether your target audience belongs to the millennial generation or not, none of them has all the patience to deal with a slow-loading website. They will only add to the bounce rates rendering your website useless. Make sure the web designing servicesyou choose works meticulously on the images and graphics, JavaScript, content, HTTP requests, cache mechanism, coding, and ad management.

Not mobile responsive

According to Statista, about 48 per cent of global web traffic originated from mobile devices in 2018. So even if you offer great products or services and have a great website, all your efforts will go down the drain if the website is not mobile optimised. Ensure your website provides seamless user experience with all-device compatibility support.

Poor search engine rankings

High search engine rankings depend on a variety of factors. You will stand a chance to outsmart your competitors by creating a highly secure and accessible website with relevant domain, URL, and authority. Website content, social media links, and SEO techniques also play key roles in matching the ever-changing algorithm and standards of search engine giants such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

No visual appeal

Your website voices everything about your business organisation that you can’t express word-of-mouth. Aesthetic nuances play a vital role in influencing the psyche of your visitors. Make sure your website has all the right elements to leave a lasting impression on your visitors and are capable of roping in new visitors as well.

No engagement

A website might have the potential to attract unique and new visitors but those are not often unable to convert the potential buyers. One of the crucial reasons might be bad choice of Call To Action (CTA) tabs or poor interface. Increase user engagement by incorporating eye-catching CTAs on relevant pages and be prepared for more user interest and increasing sales figures.

Vulnerable to cyber threats

Are you sure your website is completely safe from cybercrime? Seek help from web design and development professionals to ensure failsafe security to your website.

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